Fast Five

1st day for farmers market, 1st day for my share of my CSA, getting massage and chiropracted, so sore today. Then I am going to treat myself to a guilty pleasure of a movie. fast cars and hot guys. Fast Five. yeah!

I was on such an adrenaline rush on the way home after the movie, imgaining that I could drive all those fast speeds, drift, avoid the cops, shoot my way out of anything..until I remembered I was in a suburban with a lift, forget how to take the safety off my gun half the time, and am sacred of pain, rolling and crashing…so I drove the speed limit and moved over into the other lane when passing all the cops that had folks stopped on the way home. damm I am boring!

Oh and sitting on Han’s lap while he was driving at ridiculous speeds while kissing me and not looking at the road yet miraculously weaving in and out of traffic…ok so not realistic in any sense…I am just saying!