Where or where has my little dog gone…..

Ok so it has been almost a year since I have wrote in here. 1. I forgot I had a blog. 2. I forgot where it was. 3. I certainly forgot how to log in. 4. I hadn’t read my husband’s or my mother in laws blogs in almost a year… 5. refer to points 1-3 to explain point 4. so I think I might have been dutifully shamed into putting a blog in here. My mother in law scolds my husband when he doesn’t write in his blog, but she never says anything to me. Husband said would you write in it if she did scold you? and I asked why and he said well if you would than I will tell her so that she can scold you. hmmm….course she hasn’t written in hers for several months so with this, SHE is the one that is behind now not me. 😯

where do I start? well the home owners association are still jerks, so no change there.

I have 3 llamas, and 15 goats now, with 4 goats that are sold but still residing here as 3 llamas that I have bought have not made it here yet. One had an injured foot that I have been told tonight has an abscess, so will wait to get the email explaining it all. been negotiating the purchase or our starter Highland cow herd. they won’t be arriving until end of January. have about 100 ft or less of the fence to finish so not 100% sure where they will be put but I think I have it worked out. will be tight quarters until we can get that little bit finished off.

have had snow storms already. about 6 inches of snow a month ago and in the last 10 days about another 18 inches accumulation so probably almost 2 ft total for this year so far and it is only mid December. who knows what this winter will hold?

we need to finish that fencing to make it more comfortable for the critters, and had the home owners gotten their fingers out and not been a pain and responded to our request timely instead of making us wait three weeks to say yes…well I would have had that last little bit finished off and it all closed in. we were set to do a massive push to finish that last bit and close the fence on last Friday and Saturday and the blizzard hit and snowed almost nonstop for about 3 days. so no fence and it is all the home owners associations fault..so no change there!! 👿

Went to court last week against Brian the builder. he lost as he didn’t have enough courtesy to show up. so that cost him about $7700 or so. that will teach him. so off now to file the second suite against him shortly.

The man that bought our bronco that we had to take to court to sue to get him to make his payments died a couple of days ago. so we will see if his widow will continue with the responsibility or if she will force us to have to pursue other means to recoup our money. I hope that she pays the small payments and just continues to enjoy the vehicle. I really do not want to have to pursue legal action against her, both because of her recent lost but also because she was a past co-worker.

Been considering some more re constructive work on this body. since it has been almost FIVE years since my WLS surgery, I have not gained any weight since I lost it except in the last 3 months. I have been maybe a touch less active but my eating hasn’t really changed yet i have gained some weight. not a massive amount, but at least 7 pds or so and I can’t seem to shift them and feel like I am struggling to not put on even more. BJ thinks that my body is changing as I seem to be having more difficulties with my sugar and even small things like a bit of bread and some potato soup put me into a sugar rise and crash. thankfully I have found out that a wee pinch of cinnamon under the tongue regulates blood insulin in a very short time, something that all doctors SHOULD tell their patients and probably never bother to. I had never heard that before. This time we are considering having my chest done. it has become increasingly more obvious over the last year that I can not continue as I am now as it is beginning to interfere in my work and life. I have had over a year to wrap my mind around the last doctors statements in our consultation that I will need implants and it is still not sitting the most comfortable with me, but I am coming to understand that he is right if I like it or not!! I have also had a wee bit of a scare but not sure about a possible recurrence of my hernia. we still do not know if I just pulled muscles or if I have the start of a new hernia. Dr BJ is still trying to figure it out for sure as if I do have one it is very small.

it is however, right in the location of where I want to put a tattoo, so i am holding off on that one for a while to see what happens as i don’t want to have one and than have to have it cut later on. that would just ruin it. I never thought I would ever consider let alone have my belly button pierced or have it tattooed. course up til 5 years ago, I couldn’t even SEE my belly button so I guess that changes everything.

BJ has a new puppy. He is a red and white border collie named SAM. Chloe hates him. she bit him the first time that she saw him and than proceeded to turn around in the seat with her back to Sam and I, put her nose in the air and refused to speak to either of us. what a spoiled quine!. Rowan the horse, Anatolian and Pyrenees cross, has studiously taken to learning his new role as HOUSE dog! it is rather comical to see a dog that has to be well over 100 pds lying on his back with all his feet in the arm, singing and playing with a tiny little squeak toy. than when he decides to crawl up on my husband’s lap and pretend that he is a yorkie lap dog, well that one is beyond unbelievable. I can’t figure out which is funnier. Watching Rowan try to “curl up” in husband’s lap while actually taking up the entire settee, or husband asking if his legs going numb is a bad sign? and with having such a LARGE puppy, we do not have to worry about leftovers as anything left on the counter is generally gone faster than you can remember that you left it there as his nose is counter level and that would explain where the croisant from this morning’s breakfast went!! 😆

Anyways, I can not possibly put everything in one year into one blog entry but I am tired and it is getting time to settle in front of the settee so off I will go and maybe I will write again before next year 😉