Wearable Art Fashion Show in Salida, CO

I have finally finished all four of the entries for the show.  Tomorrow I deliver the items

Fall Fire Shawl

and wait to see if the committee likes them or not.  Here they are.  thoughts?

1.  Fall Fire.  Hand Wove and Hand Painted extra long shawl.  50% Angora, 30% Merino, and 20% Mohair.  the Merino and Mohair was from my own herd.

2.  Fairbanks Shawl and Hat.  This was my second attempt at a vision of something that I wanted in my closet.  It was more or less what I wanted except it needed to be another 1-2 feet longer for my height so I am back to the drawing board waiting for the bunnies to grow me more French Angora Wool.

Fairbanks Shawl and Hat



3.  Felted Vest and Matching Bag.  This was originally supposed to be a lacy vest that draped but I forgot to put the lace pattern in and felted it when I was trying to full it.  So it became something entirely different.  I dyed this with Greener Shades Dyes as well as the Fall Fire.

Felted Vest and Matching Bag



Bits and Bobs.



4.  Bits and Bobs.  This is currently hanging in the ArtPrize show in Grand Rapids, MI.  I will get it back just days before the fashion show.  It will be nice to see it on a model and moving instead of just on the mannie.

These are the four entries for the show.  I do hope they will have them.  What do you think of them?  leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts.