1960 Serro Scotty Sportsman Senior

We just bought a Serro Scotty Sportsman Senior.  13 ft total, with a 10 ft cabin.  It has lovingly been rebuilt by Glen and Sharon Lockmon.  As they move on to a new chapter in their lives, we have purchased the little canned ham to begin our new chapter.

Serro Scotty with our Land Rover

Here it is just newly arrived home with Abbey checking it out.  She calls my VW bug a “tuna can”  so I was explaining to her that this was a “canned ham”.

I did not expect to buy this trailer as I did not even know it was for sale.  I had seen the trailer in photos of a vintage trailer rally and knew they were from Colorado.  My research had led me to know that I wanted a 10-14 ft trailer, canned ham shape of extreme round, preferred an aluminum skin, and wanted a front table with a back bed, and proper wood interior not that fake crap.  That was what their trailer was so I called them just to talk about the trailer and their experiences on a local level, rebuilding it and being in a small trailer with two people.

In the course of the conversation, Glen asked me if I was looking to buy a trailer and I said yes but the right one had not presented itself yet.  He then surprised both his wife and myself by saying that he had decided 2-3 days prior to sell their trailer.  I was stunned as I had decided 2-3 days prior to let go of every last one of my French Angora rabbits to give me more freedom to travel.  (It was a heart wrenching decision I agonized over for months.)  The llamas you can throw extra hay and water to and turn out in the pasture.  The dogs can have food given to them by the neighbor and we can put out extra food and water for the chickens and cats so we can start going on short trips.  Eventually we will have even less animals and Charlie will be retired and then we can go for longer periods of time.

Coincidence?  I think not.  It was meant to be.  I am a total wood snob.  Hector Morrison, Charlie’s Da, was a wood joiner and has made me many gorgeous stunning wood pieces over the years.

Hector's Fruit Bowl

Including a custom made piano bench, upholstered and with a custom storage space for my music when he learned that my 1940’s Marshall and Rose English Grand Piano did not have a bench.

Hector's Piano Bench prior to staining to match piano

Since I am so tall,  I also have a matching set of wooden coasters that raise my piano up and protect the hardwood floors so I can get under it with my giraffe legs.  Now that is special.  Those darn coasters mean more than just about anything he ever made.  Silly?  They were always really special to me and now that he passed away 2 months ago, I will cherish them even more.  They are stained to match my mahogany piano as well as the piano bench.

Half Landing, Staircase, Bathroom at Clevedon

So how did we get from trailer to piano in such a short leap?  well it is the wood.  Mahogany piano, wood turned pieces, and stunning wooden interior of the Scotty trailer.  Glen finished the walls in Birch, the Ceiling in Mahogany and the ribs in Maple.  Then he only coated them in clear so you can see the beauty of the wood.  I adore the wood grain and hate it when someone paints over wood.

Interior shot of Serro Scotty


Our last home in Scotland before moving to Colorado, Clevedon, had the proper original wooden shutters for the big front windows in their original working condition which is extremely rare as most folks are lazy and paint them and they get stuck open.

We moved into that house about 2 months after we bought it as I had every carpet in the entire place ripped up and a professional company come in to sand and re finish all the original wood floors that had been hidden away.  Then for the next few years, Charlie and I stripped and re did all the skirting boards and trims for the windows and doors upstairs as those had all been painted.  Thank Heavens the downstairs ones were all original still.

Living room at Clevedon, with wooden surrounds and floor

The skirting boards were about 8 inches high, everywhere and it was a 2 story– 4 bedrooms, 1.5 half bath, 4 public rooms, 1 huge kitchen and a conservatory in an Edwardian Red Sandstone Town Home.  I would have had to spend numerous more years stripping wood had the downstairs been violated by paint!!!

Enjoy the photos of our home in Scotland, the interior of our new little Scotty Trailer and the beautiful bits of wood turning from Hector.  Do you now understand my love affair with wood?