New Scarves listed in the shop!!

I have been listing up a storm in the shop these last few days.  I am scared to see my bill!!!  eek!!  Since I discovered my allergy to mohair, I have been listing all that on the shop as well.  I only have one bag of rovings left to list, however I ran out of the two size bags that I use specific for listings so must make a store run later this week.  Finding the motivation to finish the listings might not be as easy to locate!

Blk Cherry merino mohair 4
Black Cherry Merino Mohair Scarf

This lovely little number is my Black Cherry Merino Alpaca Mohair Scarf.  I hand dyed the Merino 2 ply light fingering weft with Black Cherry Kool Aid.  I was disappointed when it did not come out the dark purple sort of cherry colour I expected, until I put it with the Red Alpaca and Faded Red mohair blends with white merino.  I just love the colours of this.  I think it POP!!  What do you think?

I also hand wove the entire scarf on my Ashford Rigid Heddle 30 inch loom, and I hand spun the bulk of the yarn, hand plying the rest of it.  This was a fun Scarf!!

Grape merino 2
Grape Weave Merino Scarf

This is my Grape Merino Scarf.  It is 100% merino, hand woven, with the wefts being dyed with Grape Kool Aid to get this wonderful colour.  Smells nice too!  This is a 2 ply light fingering yarn I had spun up by Shepherd’s Mill and it took me about 3 days or more to weave this scarf while most of the others I can do in a day.

So what do you think of this one?  It is extra long and extra wide so it can be wrapped around your neck several times.


Alpaca merino mohair 3
Alpaca merino Mohair Scarf

This is my Alpaca Merino Mohair scarf done in natural tans, taupes, browns, fawns, creams and whites.  I hand wove this one, as well as hand spun the yarn, and hand plyed it all.  This is one Hand Made Scarf!

What are your thoughts on this one?  Feel free to leave comments here on the blog so that I can see what you think.  It is all a learning experience with me as I am now weaving with yarns that I have spun, plyed, dyed and custom made myself.  It is much different than working with mill or store spun yarns.

Red Fawn Mohair scarf 3
Red Fawn Mohair open lace scarf

This is a little lovely that I hand crocheted with a larger size hook.  It is 100% pure Red Kid Mohair.  The scarf is about 2 oz or a little under so you can wrap it around your neck several times and almost forget it is there.  It is an open lace stitch, soft, light, airy and delicate.  Truly luxurious.

So again, what are your thoughts on the new scarves?  what is your favourite and why?  any ideas or suggestions? any others that you may like to see?