Wearable Art Fashion Show in Salida, Colorado

Heart of Colorado Fibers Arts Guild presents the 9th Annual Wearable-Art Fashion Show and Luncheon.

Pastels Shawl

October 19, 2011 at the Salida Steam Plant from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Delicious food, exciting fashions and our world-famous boutique filled with fabulous hand-crafted items for you or for your gift-giving pleasure.

Tickets go on sale in September and are $27.00 each which includes your luncheon.  How many of you will be there?  I will be and I hope to be exhibiting in the Fashion Show.

Alba Ranch’s Continuing Face Lift!

Since I have been tearing the web page, blog, and email addresses apart like a mad woman the last week with the help of DH Charlie Morrison and Ashley of Neauveau Fiber Arts  I have not been spinning or weaving much.  Dust has been collecting.

Today I planned on focusing on fiber as I have a Spin Fest this weekend and need to load up the Bug and test out the actual capabilities of what you can stuff in a 1974 Super Beetle.  I have only managed to spend 3 hours on the computer so far and that was mostly on Face Book trying to figure out how to link and post things the way I want to on my Alba Ranch – Art by Melisa and Charlie Morrison fan page. It is amazing what you can figure out if you find the instructions..duh!!  Ashely also told me about a super neat Fiber Freak group called Fiber Artists and Yarn Spinners   and it is really a fun busy group.  I do so love being a Fiber Freak!

Fiber Strut Show and Sale Table

I decided to take some of the Starter Kits for Greener Shades Dyes to sell as well as all my Fiber Grab Bag individual bags.  I know that many times spinners like to get a small bag of a few ounces of a new and exotic fiber to try out before commitment to a large expense and full fleece.  I have a lot of these that are mohair locks, mohair rovings, long wool locks specially Lincoln, dog wool mostly in Border Coolie and Great Pyr, and various fleece breeds.  Send me and email if you would like anything in particular and I can see if i have it.

Yesterday I was at a spinning group.  Then met a friend that I had been conversing with on Face Book for over a year face to face finally.  That was another several hours of fiber fun time along with a lovely lunch.  Tomorrow is all fiber fun time…yahoo!!  comptuer BE GONE!!!

Neauveau Fiber Arts

Neauveau Fiber Artsis a great website to have in your fiber collection.  It is designed by Ashley, who has been a great source of inspiration and food for thought on this entire website revamping for Alba Ranch.

Neauveau Fiber Art

I am not finished with this website face lift by any stretch of the imagination but I do hope this is the beginning of a long and fibery friendship with Ashley of Neauveau Fiber Arts..

Go Check out Ashley’s shop and pick up a lovely art batt.  She has been raising money to go to camp Pluckyfluff on Labor Day Weekend.  She did just reach her goal for a plane ticket, but a girl needs some spending money.  So go check out her batts and get some lovely fiber fun to spin and help Ashley earn a bit of pocket change for camp.

This is one of Ashley’s gorgeous creations…isn’t it to dye for??


ArtPrize entries are almost complete!

Bits and Bobs drying on the mannie

My ArtPrize Entry is almost completed. I am working on the last few bits, but here is a photo of the main piece when it was drying on the Mannie in the garden and still wet.

The jacket has 6 woven panels 20 in wide by 30 in long hot off the loom. I crocheted the panels together to make the jacket and fulled it to tighten all the weaves and crochet. It is made up of all the “Bits and Bobs” that I get of yummy fiber here and there for various parties, spinfests, rock days, distaff days ect. I would say the bulk of the yarn, hand spun by me, is merino and angora. I love my bunnies!! I have a bag that is also woven mostly from alpaca, merino and angora that will be part of this as well. I am currently working on spinning the merino wool to make a skirt to match. I am not certain if this will be completed for the contest but I am hoping it will be and also for the 9th Annual Wearable Fashion Show and Boutique for the Heart of Colorado Fiber Guild in October. I would like to enter the complete outfit in both shows.

Charlie has been hard at work on his entry for ArtPrize as well. You can see a lot more details of his entry on his own web blog, but I have included a lovely shot of the four panels hung more or less how they will be for the show.

A Year in a Day

Charlie’s entry is called A Year in a Day.

What do you think of the entries so far?

Norman Kennedy at Table Rock Llama Shop

Norman kennedy at Table Rock Llama Fiber Studio

This was such a special event and so exciting that I had to blog about this in BOTH my blogs.  so forgive me if you read both.  Alba Ranch, Melisa and Charlie Morrison,  saw Norman Kennedy at Table Rock Llama Shop in Black Forest, Colorado last night.

Norman Kennedy was born in 1933 on King Street in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Charlie Morrison was born and raised in Buckie, Scotland about 1.5 hours outside of Aberdeen.  Melisa and Charlie lived in Aberdeenshire after they were married so it was exciting to be around folks from Scotland again.

Weldon Walker, pictured in a blue shirt to Norman’s left, wove a lovely blanket in a tartan like pattern that was the main piece for the Waulking demonstration. Norman said that he always has the weaver of the cloth sit to his left as that keeps him close to his heart.  The piece had just come off the loom and was a 2:2 twill.  After the waulking, Norman laid the cloth out on the table to roll it with a board.  You can see it laid out here on the table just prior to being rolled.

Norman Kennedy and a freshly waulked cloth

Waulking is a step in woolen cloth making that fulls the fiber using water, soap and friction.  It is traditionally called Waulking in Scotland.  The cloth is cleaned, thickened and shrunk all in this process.

Norman has lived in the USA since 1966 and currently has a home and Fiber Art School in Vermont.  He travels around the USA doing demonstrations, classes, waulking and concerts.  He cards, spins, weaves and waulks the fiber in the “old” ways keeping traditions alive along with his extensive collection of English and Gaelic songs.  Doing repetitive work, the songs keep his rhythm steady and are an essential part of the work.  In June 2003, Norman received the  National Heritage Fellowship awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts in the USA.

It was lovely to see Norman and talk with him.  There was also another lady there from Scotland as well named Moira Theriault.  It turned out that she was friends with a John Taylor from Buckie, Scotland that now currently lives in CA.  His youngest brother is Donald Taylor, who just happened to be one of Charlie’s mates from school in Buckie.  Very small world indeed.

Melisa Morrison is excited so come and see why!

Sofia, Satin Angora Rabbit

I am so excited I could burst.  I plan on entering an International Art Contest. Pssttt..it involves lots of hand spun merino wool blended with French Angora Rabbit fur and Satin Angora Rabbit fur.

Melisa Morrison of Alba Ranch plans to enter ArtPrize, and International Art competition held in Grand Rapids, MI.  The show is September 21 through October 9, 2011.  Charlie Morrison of Alba Ranch is considering entering the same contest.

Artist registration opens on April 18, 2011.  Melisa and Charlie are both already registered as you need to register on line to be an artist and you can vote in the competition from that same registration.  The other way to vote for the competition is to go to Grand Rapids, MI during the ArtPrize

This competition is different than any other competition in that is held in Grand Rapids at many different venues all over the city which are mostly within walking distance or shuttle bus rides of each other.  The ArtPrize contest is determined by popular vote through online voting, text messages and voting at the show.  2011 will be the third ArtPrize show sponsored by Richard DeVos.  It is part Art Festival and part social experiment.  This event brings community and art together as the city is swarmed by artists and enthusiasts everywhere.

Melisa, a 1996 Grand Valley State University Alumni, is looking forward to visiting her home town where she lived on Cherry St. and College in the Heritage Hill District before marrying Charlie in 1999 and moving to Scotland.  Currently the couple live in Canon City, Colorado on a 55 acre parcel in the Rocky Mountains.  Melisa is the Fiber Artist and Animal Guru of Alba Ranch, while Charlie works offshore and is the Scottish International flavour of the couple.

Melisa raises dairy goats and French Angora Rabbits.  Up until about a year ago, Melisa also raised Angora and Cashmere goats, Merino Sheep, Long Wool sheep (Lincoln, Wensleydale, Teeswater and Cotswold), llamas, and Dorper sheep for meat.  Since focusing more on her Fiber Art, Melisa has cut down on the animals greatly into specializing more in the exotic fiber of French Angora Rabbits.  She has a huge supply of wool that she raised herself including some that she also sheared.

Charlie oil paints and is a shutter bug photographer.  Charlie works in both digital and film medium for photography.  Currently he is working in Oils for his painting medium but is starting into water colors as his next adventure.  HIs forte in oils is Landscapes specializing in REAL locations of his Beloved Scotland.  His photography tends to be of a lot of oil rig installations offshore, exotic locations, and all the critters on Alba Ranch with a fair amount of Scotland Castles thrown in for good measure.

Melisa is currently encouraging Charlie to enter the ArtPrize competition with her in 2011.  Go to the Alba Ranch – Art by Melisa and Charlie Morrison face book page and fan the page.  Put your comments in the Survey postings and be heard about whether you think he should enter or not.  If you have not seen much of his work, please view and comment on Charlie’s Oil Paintings and tell us what you think. competition and register at one of the registration booths.

ALBA RANCH has MOVED!! www.albaranch.artfire.com

Alba Ranch has moved.  We are now located here at www.albaranch.artfire.com.

What do you think of the new lay out of blog.  I plan to be using it more and it is linked with my artfire shop, which is linked to this blog, www.morrison.uk.net, my face book fan page and my twitter account.  You can find me at all these locations by clicking on my fancy new buttons, banners, badges and widgets located up and down the sides of this blog.

I didn’t even know what a widget was?? any relation to a Giget?  oh I am dating myself, aren’t I?

Will check in more later but wanted to get this notice up quickly so that no one lost Alba Ranch.  There is a lot of snow and I did tie a rope to the door handle but you never know. 🙂  So for all those spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters, and felters out there, have no fear.  Alba Ranch is HERE!