A weave a way a weave away…in the jungle, the mighty….

All my weaving equipment has been ordered and should arrive next week.  I have my kid mohair yarn back from mill and another mill has some Lincoln, Wensleydale, CVM and a sample of Sammi’s kid mohair all to be spun up into yarn.  I will be able to do some weaving here shortly and this will be fun.  I ordered some books as well that will show me how to make various things.  I am considering scarves, placemats, napkins, towels, rugs, wall hangings, blankets, throws, skirts, capes, ponchos, hats, purses, pillow covers to name just a few things.  that might kepe me busy for a while.

On a grand note,  Bob was able to fix my antique stove today. wahoo!! and I now have a kindler that works again and all the knobs have been greased so they are not seizing up.  I spent hours cleaning it out, inside and out and there was an amazing amount of GUNK in there.  I have no idea how clean it may or may not have been when we first got it, but if it had been all clean, it has certainly gotten very dirty in the last couple of years.  Since it is now fixed, I see no reason for us to purchase another stove when we build our house as this one will work wonderful in it.  Well there is the reason that I just WANT the other stove from England, but it is really expensive and frankly what we have will do the job as good or better.  And it only cost about $300 or $400.  I can’t remember which.  for us to be able to use the other stove, we need to buy two stoves..one for winter and one for summer so that cost would be about $13,000.  hmmmm….I think my wee little stove is the better deal. 🙂

I have been baking a lot of pies recently and also made some jam with some of the rhubarb that I grew in tubs outside.  I noticed the other day that the rhubarb is getting big again, so I think that some jams and pies will be in order this month again.

The new herding dog, Todd, has been working our sheep and goats..breaking them in a bit so that they are more respectful of a border collie.  I tried Abbey on them the other day, but she would not herd. she only had eyes for the blasted chickens.  NOT the chickens Abbey, get the sheep and the goats!!