Still lambing….

Things have been changing on the ranch here, with new additions popping out the last few days. my two big white merino/rambulette ewes lambed on Sunday and Monday. Both only had a single ewe, which really surprised me, but their deliveries they did themselves and no calls to the vet like with Brown Mama.

This is #209 and her huge ewe lamb. Since she is a white ewe with colour

209 and lamb

genetics and was bred by a brown rambulette, I was a bit surprised when she popped out a BLACK ewe. This little gal was up on her feet, looking for a nipple and bouncing off the walls ever since. She is only JUST 24 hours old in this picture and she is so big. She is also taking on a little of her mom’s personality with being a bit skittish, so I have picked her up a few times today already and talked to her to try to calm her a bit. Had to steal her from mom, take her out in the barn yard, and all the pictures that I took in the barn of her were just black and you couldn’t see her.


This is #239 little white ewe. This mom was really big, so I thought she had twins in her. Imagine my surprise when out popped this tiny white ewe and nothing else!! She was up on her feet but not moving much that first day. Now she won’t stay with her mom and is forever running off out of the barn, around the barn yard, getting head butted by other sheep or the goats and generally creating havoc. Her mother can than be seen running frantically around tryi

239's little lamb

ng to find her. It is probably a good thing that she did not have more than one as this little girl is going to be a handful and give her mom a run for her money.

Other than that, all the other ladies are still holding their knees crossed and there have been no new arrivals today. So off to go do some more chores while it is still day light and I might be able to find some energy!