Hand spun yarns….

handspinning yarns 1
Hand spun Yarns

I have been hand spinning yarns coming out of my ears.  I decided to take a pic of them hanging from my inkle loom.  I can’t believe how much fun it has been recently.  The one on the far left is a 2 ply of mohair, alpaca and merino.  I like the chunky red one as I achieved the colour with Kool aid.  so love those dyes and how fruity the yarns smell afterwards.

handspinning yarns 2
Close up of Handspun Yarns
merino angora yarn 1
Hand spun Ball of Merino Angora Yarn with 1 Litre Bottle next for size

My most recent endeavor has been spinning white merino roving drafted evenly and somewhat thinner than my bulky yarns, than pinching a bit of angora bunny fluff and sort of core spinning it onto the outer bit of the merino.  I am not attempting to cover the merino but let it twist into the merino and around it making a twisty spiral sort of yarn that is totally cool. Than I ply it again to make a two ply and get a thick chunky yarn that is probably around 3-5 WPI.  The last ball of yarn I made was what finished off my weft in my new scarf, although I still have a large bit of it left.  Here is a picture of the small ball of yarn BEFORE I did any weaving with it.  The red water bottle next to it is for scale as that is a ONE LITRE bottle.  It was extremely hard to wind that yarn into a ball as my hands got tired.

I like this yarn as it is merino yarn from my merino ewes, blended with French Angora Rabbit, German Angora Rabbit and English Angora Rabbit. A truly European yarn!

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