Wearable Art Fashion Show in Salida, CO

I have finally finished all four of the entries for the show.  Tomorrow I deliver the items

Fall Fire Shawl

and wait to see if the committee likes them or not.  Here they are.  thoughts?

1.  Fall Fire.  Hand Wove and Hand Painted extra long shawl.  50% Angora, 30% Merino, and 20% Mohair.  the Merino and Mohair was from my own herd.

2.  Fairbanks Shawl and Hat.  This was my second attempt at a vision of something that I wanted in my closet.  It was more or less what I wanted except it needed to be another 1-2 feet longer for my height so I am back to the drawing board waiting for the bunnies to grow me more French Angora Wool.

Fairbanks Shawl and Hat



3.  Felted Vest and Matching Bag.  This was originally supposed to be a lacy vest that draped but I forgot to put the lace pattern in and felted it when I was trying to full it.  So it became something entirely different.  I dyed this with Greener Shades Dyes as well as the Fall Fire.

Felted Vest and Matching Bag



Bits and Bobs.



4.  Bits and Bobs.  This is currently hanging in the ArtPrize show in Grand Rapids, MI.  I will get it back just days before the fashion show.  It will be nice to see it on a model and moving instead of just on the mannie.

These are the four entries for the show.  I do hope they will have them.  What do you think of them?  leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts.

New Rovings and Yarn in the Shop

I have been hand painting rovings, yarns and scrape book samples.  If the cat gets too close, she may be hand painted as well.

Last night, I had to put my spatula down and force myself to back away from the dye pot.  I have been losing days doing this and nothing else has been getting done.

Indian Summer 1


Indian Summer 1 was in the dye pot all on its own and you can see even more photos in the album on the Alba Ranch Face Book page.

Rainbow 1



The Rainbow dye pot had 3 separate rovings in it.  I will include a photo of each as although they were in the same dye pot, they are NOT the same.  Each is for sale in the shop and more photos can be seen on the Alba Ranch Face book page.

Rainbow 2
Rainbow 3







Fall 1


I also listed the Fall 1 series.  This is 7 skeins of merino mohair blend from my own critters that I hand painted using Greener Shades dyes.  Again, same dye lot with each skein being different and still working well together.  What a variety of colors in the same dye pot.  I was so fascinated by the process and about giddy with excitement to take the lid off and see how the colors came together each time.

This is only half of the items that are photographed and dried.  I will try to get the rest up in the next day or two.  In the mean time, I have 10 more skeins of 100% Angora Rabbit that are drying and those will be added later as well.

All of the photos for the various dye lots can be seen in the Alba Ranch Face Book Page and are for sale in the shop.

Wearable Art Fashion Show in Salida, Colorado

Heart of Colorado Fibers Arts Guild presents the 9th Annual Wearable-Art Fashion Show and Luncheon.

Pastels Shawl

October 19, 2011 at the Salida Steam Plant from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Delicious food, exciting fashions and our world-famous boutique filled with fabulous hand-crafted items for you or for your gift-giving pleasure.

Tickets go on sale in September and are $27.00 each which includes your luncheon.  How many of you will be there?  I will be and I hope to be exhibiting in the Fashion Show.