Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats For Sale

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats For Sale

I am selling off 40% of my herd.  Downsizing 4 doe lines and 2 buck lines.  I really can only drink just so much milk!

Fire Sale–Everything must go.

Alba Ranch Smut’s Triplets

I have 10 goats listed for sale on the sale page with both options of registered or unregistered.  If you see one that you like or several, email me and we can chat.  I do starter packages and group buying although these are lowered already to sale barn prices for registered stock.  Hurry as they won’t last at these prices for long, already started selling goats since I made the decision on who to sell and who to retain.

Zaro’s unplanned pregnancy Quads Born Oct 11, 2013

Zaro’s unplanned pregnancy Quads Born Oct 11, 2013

Zaro was bred to my buck, or so I thought. Her due date would be in a month. She kidded yesterday with quads.

Kid 1. Doeling with blue eyes. $75

2 doelings and 2 bucklings. all very large and same sized. up and feeding. All my stock is registered however not knowing the daddy for certain, I cannot register the babies.



Kid 2. Buckling with brown eyes. $50


I will be selling them as unregistered stock in a few days as bottle babies if anyone is interested. $75 for the doelings and $50 for the bucklings.






Kid 3. Buckling with blue eyes. $50


Zaro was a FF that was doing 4 lbs a day milk. This is her second freshening and she is one of my easiest hand milkers, expresses easily and did allow a couple of bucklings to wet nurse some.



Kid 4. Doeling with brown eyes and frosted rings at base of ears. $75



Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Kids Everywhere…..



Appletini Doe 2 SOLD
Appletini Doe 1 SOLD







Baby goaties everywhere.  Here are a few photos for your enjoyment.


Reecy Peasy Retained
Aspen Buck 2 Sold







Kidding season for us is mostly over for the time being.  I have one doe to kid late May but otherwise we are through kidding season.


Jill Buck 1 Sold


Jill Buck 2 SOLD













Flight and motion!! Buck on Right SOLD
Outlaw – Dad to these kids














Cameo’s Buck
Cameo’s Doe – Ginger



A couple of the kids  that I am retaining: