Alba Ranch’s New Online Shops and Give Away!

Alba Ranch is officially here at Alba Ranch with blog, photos, galleries, and both online shops.  In the Shop Online Menu, you will find two options.  One is Fiber and One is Art.  Go and view them, look around, have a coffee and stay awhile!  From now on, you will always be able to find Alba Ranch’s Online shops here at

The Fiber Shop is going to be getting a lot of new listings, so check back often and see what is new in town.

Alba Ranch is hosting a give away.  go HERE to see all the details and participate.

Sale and new yarns

I have went through the shop and cut a lot of the prices a little taking into consideration the tough economic times as well as my desire to move some of my stock and make some space in the cabin and the barn. I have had a lot of traffic on the site recently, but waiting for folks to click and buy.

New Yarns

I did just figure out how to put a picture in yesterday’s blog so that was cool. I have also put a link to my blog in the intro part of the store so that means I am committed and MUST blog or you will all be unhappy with me. I plan on getting my pics up of all my new yarns that I got from the mill….hopefully today!

And I also got all the yarns that I had wound on a cone for me to do my weaving with. This is wonderful as I no longer have to try to unwind a skein of yarn on my feet!!

Yarn on a Cone


I now have no reason to procrastinate once I find some time to breathe!