For the Love of Green….

Charlie has been included in a treasury.  It is titled “For the Love of Green” and it is his 5×7 photograph of Bluebells at Duff House, in Scotland.  The Treasury will only last for about another day or so…see it here

After it expires, you will only be able to see it below in this snapshot that I saved.

For the Love of Green
For the Love of Green Gallery

The colours are lovely, and the items are very Unique.  Enjoy!! isn’t it grand?

This is the first time that Charlie has been home when either I or someone else has included something of his in a treasury.  When he is offshore, the company server blocks it so that he can not display any treasuries.  See his entry here.  He got to see his treasury finally!  Brilliant!!

We have been extremely busy on the ranch doing all sorts of small odd jobs and some larger ones trying to get ready for winter.  Charlie has to leave soon, they are calling him back early, and other than perhaps 10 days in December he won’t be here for the rest of the year.

On a fantastic note, he hooked up our British washing machine and it was colossal failure!  We than ordered a cheap bog standard top loading USA washing machine.  It was duly delivered, installed and on went the water.  A fantastic explosion and spew of water sky rocketed in the well pump house to rival Old Faithful.  Blew a pipe fitting apart, temporary made the delivery man unable to see, sprayed Charlie’s oil paintings on the walls, and soaked the GFI so that we had no electricity in the well pump sockets.   THERE IS A LIMIT TO WHAT CAN GO WRONG WITH A BIT OF HOME PLUMBING!!

He had to get a new GFI, installed that and than we did one load of laundry, all is well.  Than half way through the second load, everything blew again except this time I didn’t know it for 2.5 days.  so the washing machine, hot water heater, small heater to keep the temp up so the pipes don’t freeze, and the freezer were off for 2.5 days!  YIKES!!!  Good to say that it was more or less colder during those days so the freezer did NOT de thaw, and he found the problem.  Rewired to a larger breaker, and separated off the hot water heater to its own dedicated socket and breaker.  In the process of doing that, he decided to unwrap, and install my British dryer.  This appliance DID work, so I now have a washing machine, hot water electric heater for a small bit of water, and a dryer for drying my clothes as well as the air drying clothes dryer.  WAhoo!!  I am living!