Columbines in the Garden

Columbines in the Garden

I told you that I would post some photos of the Columbines once they popped so I could see the colors.  I bought a large selection of many types at the end of the season last year on discount.  Since they were past their prime, I didn’t really have any idea what the color of many of them would be.

Double Columbine

Didn’t label them so didn’t remember WHERE they would be.  It has been like a treasure hunt in the garden watching them start to grow as I recognize the leaf and when the flowers come, such a surprise.

Double Columbine

I did manage to get a few yesterday that were not on sale unfortunately, but are definitely different colors and varieties than I have right now.

Cream Columbine

I do so love a good columbine and oddly enough even having heard that name of the flower, I had never encountered them prior to living in the mountains of Colorado on our ranch in the front range.

Blue Columbine

I have no idea why I hadn’t seen a columbine before, why no one that I know seems to grow them, or why there aren’t even MORE colors and varieties as they are so easy and fun to grow.

Double Blossom and Double Color

I have counted 5 different colors and types so far.  Sadly, my maroon purple with a white center double one from Colorado doesn’t seem to have survived the winter.

I know this was supposed to be all about Columbines, but I couldn’t help adding in one last photo of the stunning poppies that popped in the yard just a day ago.  They are such a shock of color that I can see them from all the way across the yard.  I remember last year, shortly after we moved from CO to MI, that I happened to look out our bedroom window one morning and saw this shock of color in the yard.


I had no idea what it was and hurried outside to take a closer look.  Imagine my surprise to find that we had a bunch of these growing in the bottom of one raised bed.  I have beds all over the yard, but this is the only bed they are in.  I love the centers and the vivid color.

I think that Charlie should paint some poppies, what do you think?