Green Card Interview

It is almost 6 am and we are about to leave to go to Denver for Charlie’s green card interview.  wish us luck 🙂

UPDATE:  We are now back on the ranch from the green card interview.  They granted his green card and stamped his passport with a temporary one that he can use when he goes offshore next week and use until his new one comes in the mail.  So Chaz is now offically a registered alien.  I asked him how he felt and other than anticlimatic after all the build up he hasn’t been able to put his feelings into words yet. 🙂

On another note, Rowan is doing better.  He was bitten by a rattle snake about 3 days ago on his left front leg.  The entire leg swelled up and he was crying and in horrible pain.  We put lavender, purification and peppermint (essential oils from  on the entire leg and down his spine and that has helped his pain level, the swelling go down and well..him not die from the bite!  His brother Larick, had his face swell up the size of a basketball with his eyes closed shut a couple of months ago due to a suspected rattle snake bite as well.  Same essential oils and it took about 48 hours for the swelling to do down on him as well.  We have not seen the actual snakes and hope the dogs killed them for all the hassle the snakes gave them, but if we are walking in the pen I think we might start carrying the .22 Rutger.  I never saw the actual puncture wounds on Larick’s face, but I have seen 3 of the 4 punctures on Rowan’s leg.  The fangs were about 1.5 inches a young snake but a good size still!  As far as I am concerned, all rattle snakes are bad except dead ones!