September…songs and harvest!

I did a new treasury yesterday.  First one that I have done in ages!!  This one is made up of all sorts of Etsy FAST members with their September Challenge projects from all over the place.  The challenge seems to be two things this month, songs or harvest themes.

September...Songs and Harvest
September Songs and Harvest

I have included a snapshot photo of it here so that you can see it with all the alternates included and visible in a slightly lighter shade.  It is only live on for another day and a half but if you are looking in the mean time, you can see it here .  After the day and a half, you will just get a message that says the treasury is the above snapshot will be its only record other than our memory of it!

Of particular note, is the Fairy Tale Hooded Capelet by LazyTcrochet.  I really like it a lot! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Talk about funky yarns, than check out Falling Leaves by Jazzturtle or Grapevine Autumn Harvest by dramfiber. How do they do it??

Feel free to leave your comments here on the blog and tell me what you think of my picks.