9 Year Anniversary!!

Today is my 9th anniversary of being married…to my husband!!  good thing that it is to him, otherwise he might be confused.  However, he is on his blasted boat again and I am alone.  Well, if you count all the critters I suppose not REALLY alone. hahah  BJ says that it is good that he was with me on the most important one..the getting married one…or there wouldn’t be any anniversary..she has a point!

Ok I am back. had to rescue my “fried bread sandwich” as my husband calls my grilled ham and cheese.  Not feeling the best today, sore throat, beginnings of a head ache, bags under my eye..or rather my bags have luggage and they are over their luggage limit.  and my neck hurts where my ear tubes are under the surface.  Been fighting for weeks now that I have gold fish swimming in my ears… it is what I call when I move and my head sloshes.  normally it is only there, not really any sinus stuff.  But it can be interesting when I get dizzy, try falling over in the barn yard because you cock your head a little in any direction!  almost fell into the trough!

I have been weaving so much these days.  I have all my things up now on our shop except raw fleeces, and clean rovings.  starting on some of the rovings today.  you can see a link to the right of my postings for the Etsy shop.  We are listed as albaranch ….go check us out and buy something.  I have had rather good luck selling things there, loads better than awful ebay.  they suck with all their new policies.  Unfortunately I sill have all my belly dancing things to sell, maybe I will sell them in the local shopper, probably be cheaper than ebay.

Been so focused on getting the art up on etsy.com that I have forgone sleep a lot these days.  Sleep is overrated you know.  it is a major inconvenience when I am in the middle of something, and than I just ignore and find myself face down on the computer.  Blast!

I think my next weaving with be with a yarn that I have not tried nor do I have any critters of these variety out in the barnyard.  Romney/CVM cross. it has a nice soft handle to it with a lot of loft, not all that dissimilar to my merino, just not as soft.  so we will see.  I have some merino off at the mill being processed as we speak.  they are going to be doing merino for me for the first time, and than doing some in blends with mohair and alpaca as well.  so will be really interesting to see what we get back.

Found a new seamstress as well.  She has some of my favourite items, the lining disintegrated on my favourite Cerise skirt, so she is putting a new one in.  I hope that she does well as I really miss my skirt.  funny how you get attached to an item like that.  Well I should go do the morning chores, since I maybe starting them before 2 pm today, I am doing much better than last night which was more like 6 pm.  Morning chores.  Denise asks me why I don’t just call them chores as I only have to do them once a day and I said I call them MORNING chores just for her. 🙂