Ponchos, Shawls, and Mobius Oh My……

Ponchos, Shawls, and Mobius OH my….they have been multiplying as I have been crocheting so very much recently.  Crochet is easy to do, easy to transport and relaxing.  Free form Crochet is even more of my favorite as I form and shape the garment as it emerges.  Size Changes can be made as I go along to get very interesting shapes and designs.

Fall Circle Poncho.  This is free form crochet at its best with a 17 mm size R. I used a lovely Boucle Yarn that is 35% Baby Alpaca, 30% Merino, 30% Bamboo, and 5% Nylon Binder….Baby WooBoo Boucle Yarn.

Close up
Fall Circle Poncho



I hand painted the 2 skeins with Greener Shades Acid Dyes for Color to get this wonderful array of Fall Colors.  I also crocheted a lovely small cowl neck line for extra warmth and snuggle as this is such a super soft yarn.  Every person that has tried this Fall Circle Poncho on has twirled in a circle smiling and giggling or they have wrapped up with it and burrowed deep like a turtle.  It is a springy, soft, bouncy yarn with lots of character.


Close up


Chartreuse Green Boucle Poncho is another free form crochet poncho that I did with the same size hook and  the same Boucle yarn hand dyed into this eye popping Chartreuse Green.


Chartreuse Green Boucle Poncho

This is more of a ballet sort of poncho, closer to the body, more open lace and much lighter than the circle poncho.  It is such a fun color!!

Spring Fling Shawl is done with the same large size R bamboo crochet hook and the Boucle Baby WooBoo Yarn.  I hand painted this in these lovely spring bright colors.

Spring Fling Shawl with both ends wrapped over a shoulder
Spring Fling Mobius






The Spring Fling Mobius can be worn in so many ways such as low on the shoulder like a small snug or wrap.


Spring Fling Mobius double on neck


Or it can be worn double looped around your neck for a very warm neck indeed  on those cold nights.

All of these can be found in my shop online for Alba Ranch except the Fall Circle Poncho.  That I am going to put in a Fashion Show in Salida, CO in October.