HOT HOT HOT and Fabuuuuulous!!!!

Hot Hot Hot and Fabuuulous Gallery

I have had a treasury ready to go for days and days.  see it here This link will only be good for 48 hours..after that  you can view it only in this snap shot to the right.  I wished that I could have included all of my 4 alternates this time as I wanted MY treasury to be 16 items and not just the 12!!!  so at least they can see their items here in MY snapshot as I love them all so much.

I included some hand spun yarns and many other items as well.  Most are from the EtsyFAST August Monthly Challenge, but some are from other artists (who should join EtsyFAST).  I tried to do my usual, which was include only crochet items and hand spun yarns.  There were some beyond fabulous KNIT items that ALMOST made it in..but I had to draw the line somewhere and I am partial to crochet, especially the unusual crochet.

Take a look at the alternates..the ones that are slightly greyed out at the right hand side..and you will see my favourite poison dart frog again (from theitsybitsyspider) ….as well as some cuffs from Merigreenleaf.  My other two alternates, aniemancrochet and tamaran, are new to me as artists as I had not seen their work before.  Aren’t they lovely!

Well since it is around 4am in the morning and I did only get up for a bathroom break..than a call to Scotland to chase up some paperwork, find out it was lost in the mail, gave new address to have it re sent, complained heavily in my mind quietly about their incompetence as hubby is sleeping and has to fly to Norway in a few hours..all while I was waiting for Etsy to be finished with its maintenance..and than snagged the treasury…so now I am tired!!!  Nighty nights!!!