More Truffle making before going offshore

Chaz is working on batch 1 of Truffles. doing and experiment and I am the guinea PIG that gets to eat them all!! 1 batch with the original Rich Tea Biscuits and 1 batch with the new biscuits that we have been using stateside. both of these will be Cherry brandy batches so that we can compare them. Third batch is my new flavor of the Chamborg!

Made Chaz give me a truffle that was not even pressed out in a paper cup, solidified, cooled or anything. JUST fresh made raw! he said that was the height of impatience. hmmm…would he say impatience or greed if I ask for a second?

I am trying to save on paper cases. Chaz keeps saying we have plenty but I think that every penny counts!!

It’s called product sampling. I call it “Quality Control”.. Charlie calls it “get your hands out of there and wait till they’re ready dammit”

Chaz just finished mixing up the batch of truffles by hand, so his hands were covered with truffles. I, being the helpful wife that I am, volunteered to LICK his fingers clean. He let me while mumbling something about if he had known that I was going to do that he would have used something other than the “wooden spoon” to stir the batch! hmmm…

Shearing and Truffle Making….

Shearing an angora goat today, along with cleaning the rabbit cages. Than inside to spin while DH makes more Cherry Brandy Truffles!!

I thought I could shear the goat by hand. Guess that is what I get for thinking. I used to shear him by hand. However his fleece was matted, his penis was infected and his feet were so over grown they didn’t look like feet and they were deforrmed. I feel bad for him.

Charlie said that things are looking up for him! After the worst haircut in Christendom, having his toenails cut until he bled, and having acid poured on his willie (peroxide) things have GOT to get better!!

I stink like lanolin. haha I have to go clean all the rabbit cages. Afterward, EVERYTHNG on me is going in the washer..yuk!!

One hot shower later, all new clean clothes and fuzzy sweats, veggie lasagna and cabin back up to 75 degrees and rising. gotta love that oven. going to watch some tv and spin if I can lift my arms.