Neauveau Fiber Arts

Neauveau Fiber Artsis a great website to have in your fiber collection.  It is designed by Ashley, who has been a great source of inspiration and food for thought on this entire website revamping for Alba Ranch.

Neauveau Fiber Art

I am not finished with this website face lift by any stretch of the imagination but I do hope this is the beginning of a long and fibery friendship with Ashley of Neauveau Fiber Arts..

Go Check out Ashley’s shop and pick up a lovely art batt.  She has been raising money to go to camp Pluckyfluff on Labor Day Weekend.  She did just reach her goal for a plane ticket, but a girl needs some spending money.  So go check out her batts and get some lovely fiber fun to spin and help Ashley earn a bit of pocket change for camp.

This is one of Ashley’s gorgeous creations…isn’t it to dye for??


ArtPrize entries are almost complete!

Bits and Bobs drying on the mannie

My ArtPrize Entry is almost completed. I am working on the last few bits, but here is a photo of the main piece when it was drying on the Mannie in the garden and still wet.

The jacket has 6 woven panels 20 in wide by 30 in long hot off the loom. I crocheted the panels together to make the jacket and fulled it to tighten all the weaves and crochet. It is made up of all the “Bits and Bobs” that I get of yummy fiber here and there for various parties, spinfests, rock days, distaff days ect. I would say the bulk of the yarn, hand spun by me, is merino and angora. I love my bunnies!! I have a bag that is also woven mostly from alpaca, merino and angora that will be part of this as well. I am currently working on spinning the merino wool to make a skirt to match. I am not certain if this will be completed for the contest but I am hoping it will be and also for the 9th Annual Wearable Fashion Show and Boutique for the Heart of Colorado Fiber Guild in October. I would like to enter the complete outfit in both shows.

Charlie has been hard at work on his entry for ArtPrize as well. You can see a lot more details of his entry on his own web blog, but I have included a lovely shot of the four panels hung more or less how they will be for the show.

A Year in a Day

Charlie’s entry is called A Year in a Day.

What do you think of the entries so far?

New Computer

Alba Ranch has  bought a new desk top computer last night.  Decided to join the 21st Century.  I have resisted for 10 years, but the old computer was doing the job.  It is NO LONGER doing the job.  So I caved.  🙂 This should make the Alba Ranch Shop so much more efficient as well as using all my ArtFire tools.  Yayness!  I will be able to load more and more of my Fiber Art Photos faster, more efficiently and make all the artistic treasures available for Alba Ranch’s Fans.

I might be busy offline for a few days or so as we get the new computer set up, all the software on it, the old one backed up and transferred over.  Look forward to more information as I start to whiz along the cyber network like a REAL computer person. 🙂

Yummy Yarns You’ll Yearn 4….

Yummy Yarns You'll Yearn 4


I made my second treasury today.  All sorts of lovely yarns made from my Etsy FAST team members.  I did a snap shot of it again so you can see it.  It will be on line for about 2 days but than gone.  you can see it here

After 2 days, the only way you can see it is in the little snap shot that I have here.  There are some lovely hand spun yarns, mill spun yarns…..even a hand spun yarn made from tissue paper although it is NOT Water proof!

Of particular note is the lovely Red hand spun yarn from Penny Royal Farm that is her August Challenge entry.  Very nice.

Wild and Wooly from PraireDAisy Handspun is another of my utter favorites which is why I bought a new book on spinning novelty fancy yarns and some angelica to card into my fleeces to give my yarns some bling!  thanks for the inspiration.

Well I am going to go do some spinning as if I keep on typing here I won’t ever get to have any yarn and fleece fun!  Just back from town and the opening of my new art show tonight.  “Wearable Treasures” at the Fremont Art Center in Canon City, CO.  I did not win any placements, but the main judge did pull me aside to talk about one of my scarves that I hand wove and that she just loved and had wished she would have had another ribbon for.  that was nice to hear as I have yet to win any prizes in any of the shows i have entered this year, but I am brand new to this so everything can’t happen at once.  I also wore a shawl with my dress that I hand crocheted and everyone was commenting on that as well.  Over all a wonderful show, with so many lovely entries.  If you get a chance to go see it, it will hang until August 29, 2009.

Berry Confetti made an Etsy Treasury!!

I have been included in my first Treasury on Esty. Charlie had his first inclusion a few weeks ago but this is mine and it is for Berry Confetti!!!

Berry Confetti in my First Treasury!!
Berry Confetti in my First Treasury!!

A Treasury on is a neat way to show your appreciation and admiration for another artist’s work.  You get to pick 12 items only one can be yours, and most times they follow a specific theme.  This Treasury is named …with Altitude! in Honor of it being in Colorado and our elevation.  It is really wonderful when another artist admires your work enough to include it into a treasury they create!

Berry Confetti is a hand woven rug that I did from Shetland Rovings on a Peg loom that my Father in law made for me in Scotland.  I than dyed it with numerous packages of Kool Aid to get the colour that you see and lightly wet felted it for more strength.

I got the Shetland fleece from my friend Roger, in Pueblo CO, and it was my first time using Shetland fleece.  I decided that I do not like working with Shetland fleece in rovings and weaving as it is very soft and falls apart.  It would be necessary to hand spin it first and than use it in a rug, or felt it like I did with this rug.  I still prefer Merino Fleece for just about everything from rovings to hand spun yarns to mill spun yarns.  I do like my long wools though for working with lock formations in my weaving.

August 8, 2009 is the opening reception for the Wearable Treasures Art show at the Fremont Art Center in Canon City, CO.  I dropped off my entries for the show yesterday so at least I can breathe and that is done.

Now I plan on getting into some heavy duty spinning and creating some things from that once I make some novelty yarns.  I am a bit torn in doing it on my spinning wheel which is faster and my brand new drop spindles, top and bottom, that Christie made for me.  Christie’s shop on Etsy is at this link: She does not have anything currently listed in her shop, but she has been working on my custom order and you can convo her and get her to make you YOUR spindles as well.  look at her solds and see some of her designs.  She burned our logo into the spindles and we designed the shading and textures ect together.  she was the brains and creative, I was only the director. haah

Drop Spindle 1
Drop Spindle 2

these are a couple of shots of the spindles when she was almost done and ready for the lacquer.  aren’t they just lovely?

It has been a very drizzly cold wet rainy day that reminds me of Scotland.  Makes me homesick for it.  Silly huh?  but I am wearing 2 shirts and a sweater, and fluffy that must tell you something. After all the hot weather we have had of over 90 degrees heat by 9 or 10 am, this is a bit odd.  I do so hope the goaties do not get sick as these huge fluctuations in temperatures are very hard on their bodies, particularly the baby goaties!