Yesterday I took Todd the border collie for a walk. The usual quarter mile was much harder through 8-10 inches of snow. We argued all the way. Him saying hurry up as he ran back and forth, me saying I was old. Him pointing out he was 12 and in dog years that was 84. Me saying I was tired and fat. Him saying he would give me that one. Me saying Cheers! Me pointing out I was only 2WD and he was 4WD.


It was a very small consolation to see that he was panting at the top of the hill since I was sucking wind like a steam engine. I went up the carved path. He of course went straight up the vertical side and still beat me to the top. He ran to our rock, jumped up and turned around and said hurry up mom, geesh. I cracked up laughing as this black and white border collie had a white head as he had slammed his entire head in a drift.

Moral of the story: DON’T argue with a border collie. You will so lose!

What are your thoughts?

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