Triangle Loom

I got my new triangle loom and it has been waiting for Charlie to put it together.

Close up of Tri Weave

He got it together the other day once I was ready to start weaving as this time I wanted to use the 8 ft loom and we only have the 12 x 18 cabin. With a loom that size, in that small of a space, I knew that I could not put it together and just look at it for days. I managed to get about 2 of the 8 ft wove that first night but have not done much in the last two days. I do hope to get at it more, as it is in the way and rather large!

8 ft tri loom

This is using a hand painted Boucle yarn called Baby Woo Boo. It is 35% Baby Alpaca, 30% Merino, 30% Bamboo and 5% nylon binder.

What are your thoughts?

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