Triplet Kids born and blizzard coming in

Bismark, dairy goat, had triplets. 2 girls, 1 boy. Buck is black with brown trim, frosted ears. he is the biggest of the 3. One girl is black with brown trim, a big white blaze on the top of her head and brown caramel Vulcan eyebrows. The other girl is a cream color like Werthers Candies with all white tips. so she looks white with cream brown undercoat. I can’t picture what she will look like grown up.

Mitch, the livestock guardian dog, had bite mama’s ears n ran her off from the babies as he adores babies and thinks all the baby goats should be his. he is now in a different pen and our other dairy goat, Tonya, is separated also and about ready to pop. maybe today later when the blizzard and snow REALLY come in. she usually twins and she was NO where near as huge as Bismark!

What are your thoughts?

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