Valentine Day Splendor Contest-deadline changed to February 6th

I am unveiling a new contest tonight as I just posted up the results to the Alba Ranch Celebration and 200 Facebook Fan Page Give Away.  Liz Beckwith is the winner.  Congratulations Liz!!

The new contest is called Valentine Day Splendor.  And as you have guessed it has to do with Valentine’s Day in many different ways.  This contest is Fiber Specific and all entries with photos must be in to my email at by 5 pm Mountain Time on February 6, 2012.  That will allow me to list the photos and get the entries up so that all of YOU can vote on them by posting your comments in the thread until 5 pm Mountain Time on February 13, 2012.  This will allow me to tally all the votes and announce the winner on February 14, 2012  in the evening for Valentine’s Day!

I know that we all spin beautiful yarns so this contest is specific in making something from your handspun yarn into something that can be worn.  Either an article of clothing or an accessory to go with clothing.  This would be using the fiber arts of knitting, crochet, weaving, or felting.  Your handspun yarn and art yarns have to be used in the final product.

How does your Wearable Art depict Valentine’s Day?  The Splendor and Glitz of Young ( or Old haha) Love?  Perhaps you will be inspired to wear your new creation on Valentine’s Day with our special someone.  The entry with the most votes…wins!  Each person may  have two votes to vote for their top 2.

Lord of the Rings Strip


I bought several kilos of Stansborough Grey at the end of 2011.  This is the specific sheep and breed from the only ranch in the world that has these sheep which supplied the wool for all the cloaks in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Waterhorse.  Their main page is here.  You can read about their Story and look at all the interesting links on their web domain.

I am going to give up 6 ounces of this wonderful fleece in locks to the lucky winner of the Valentine Splendor Day Contest.  It has been lightly washed for hand spinners by the ranch before being sent to me from New Zealand.  The wool can be woven, knitted or felted so the design possibilities are about endless.  They also raise alpacas on the ranch which helps expand their range as well. So for all you lovers of Lord of the Rings or just those desiring to try a new and extremely RARE locks of fiber to spin, get busy planning your entry and go forth and CREATE!!!

One thought on “Valentine Day Splendor Contest-deadline changed to February 6th

  1. Love the contest, and can’t wait to see all the finished products! I would adore winning that bit of fleece that is the same fiber as used for the cloaks in the Lord of the Rings. Those books have been my favorites since I read them in the 60’s!

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