Valentine’s Day at Alba Ranch

The Voting for the Valentine’s Day Splendor Contest is closed.  There was a lot of votes cast and it was close on several of the entries.

Scarlet Begonias by Looliemom Fiber Arts


After final count, Scarlet Begonias by Looliemom Fiber Arts had the most votes.  Looliemom Fiber Arts is the winner of the 6 ounces of Medium Grey Stansborough Grey Locks.

What ever will she do with this Lord of the Rings Fleece?  Maybe she will send us photos of whatever she creates….hint, hint!!


Scarlet Begonias by Looliemom Fiber Arts


I have also spun up the lovely fiber batts that I posted photos of short while ago and working on some new fiber batts.  I am going to weave a sweater coat that will be more fitted from these lovely batts filled with color and texture.  I will post more photos as I get more of it done.


Charlie, my husband, made me a wooden crochet hook that is about 38 mm.  It is a foot long and 1.5 inches in diameter.  I also ordered a couple of other large jumbo hooks, 17mm and 22 mm, in bamboo and am awaiting their arrival.  With these big hooks, I plan on making even more caps, hats, scarves, ponchos, shawls and other assorted clothing from large art yarns.

Scarlet Begonias by Looliemom Fiber Arts

Stay tuned for more fun, fiber and dazzling color here at Alba Ranch.  We hope to have the llama home here on the ranch in the next couple of weeks,  so we will include photos of the llamas once we bring them home.

There are many new Art Batts and Hand Painted Rovings in the Fiber Shop, along with dyed bamboo, Tussah Silk and Milk for you add in Blings.  come Check us out.





3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day at Alba Ranch

  1. Thank you so much Melisa!

    I had a great time making the items for this contest. I feel really honored to have been included with such beautiful items made from such great artists.

  2. Congratulations,Looliemom, so much on your beautiful pieces!…and to Wool Wench i LOVE your entry too! enjoy the unique fiber, Adele, can’t wait to see what you make with it~!

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