weigh in

I had my weigh in for the week here at home and I am down 5 pounds ❗ 8) 😆 I decided to check on some of my past weights and measurements and compare them to see how I am doing on a bigger scale than just week by week. I compared this last six week period with the previous six week period. In this last six weeks, I lost 14.6 pounds and 21.8 linear inches off my body. In the previous six week, I lost 16.6 pounds and 13.2 linear inches off my body. So even though my weight loss in this last six weeks was two pounds less, my loss in inches was all of what it was the previous six weeks PLUS 65% more ❗ The main difference in these last six weeks has been my exercising. I have taken up Tai Chi, continued to do more weight lifting, some stationary bike riding, some woods walking, more general movement and faster general daily movement, and floor exercises for trouble spots. In the last six weeks I have accomplished many numerous things. Started Tai Chi, which doing a martial art has always been on my list of to do things. I have broken below the 300 pd mark for the first time in 10+ years, I than broke below the 6 stone/84 pd mark which was my surgeons goal for 6 months. I did it in 5 months. I got into my size 22 black jeans, and than a few weeks later into my size 22 blue jeans. I have cleaned out my closet of clothes that are too big TWICE ❗ ❗ I have bought new clothes in sizes that are technically too small for even the size that I am now, yet I can still get them on. 8) I have begun to feel more NORMAL as if people aren’t staring at me as much, unless it is because I am pretty 😉 I can now fit in the normal bathroom at the movies, and I even feel SMALL when I sit in a booth at a resturant. I think that I am progressing. I had really begun to feel a bit down over these last few weeks because my weight had not shifted for 2.5 weeks, except in an upward fashion. But than I did my huge drop in just a few days, and after comparing the last two six week periods I can see that my fears were for nothing. I did look back to some of my eariler weigh ins that had only been with the doc every 2, 4, or 6 weeks. This was before my scales would register my weight. If I checked the weight for a six week period during that time, even then I didn’t lose much more than I am now. Obviously the first six weeks after the op, I dropped the most…about 36 pounds. Than the next six weeks I dropped around 20 pounds, than the next six weeks about 16.6 pounds and this last six weeks I dropped about 14.6 pounds. So my weight loss has been steady. I just see the flucutations more now that I can weigh myself all the time, as well as since it has slowed down a little, I probably notice any slow downs even more. But having said all that, my decrease in inches has majorly INCREASED with my new exercise regime. 😉

What are your thoughts?

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