Werid fungus?

I have seen something super weird outside in the bark and one of my garden beds in the last few days.  Some weird fungus perhaps?  At first when I saw it, it looked just like a bright sunflower yellow dusting like some pollen.

Before Fungus

But that night around 1 am when I was outside checking on the goats, I noticed it again.  It had changed.  Greatly!!  It had swelled up over 4 times its original size, puffed up big like yeasty dough rising and swelled.  Creepy.  The next morning I was curious and looking at it as again I was stunned by the changes.

After Fungus

It was still a bit puffy but not as big as during the night.  It dried out, turned a pale beige color and looked all crusty.  I had two spots in the driveway.

Two days later, I noticed another small dusting on one of the pine logs in the wood pile.  I checked it out last night again in the dark around midnight and it was swelling to huge sizes again and still that brilliant yellow.  And now….you guessed it.  EWWWW!!  Creepy.

What are your thoughts?

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