What are the Terraces Part 3

Stone Circle and Terraces at Alba Ranch.  

Hmmmmm so what is it…exactly…no really!  Well, I am going to tell you. 

It is the Stone Circle but it is so much more as well.  The terraces represent a new direction in my life. A direction I have dabbled in with decent success for years but never considered it for anything large scale.  I have been all about the critters, yarn and fiber arts for years.  Before that and during all my critter and fiber focus, I have never stopped this other passion of mine either.  I just haven’t told you about it much.  I am sure you probably don’t realise how important it is to me.

As Tony Robbins has said “…if you want to take the island, burn the boats.”  This project has become my boat burning. This is it.  Taking the Island!!


For as long or longer than I have been working with fiber, I have also been growing things. Food, herbs, plants and flowers have been in every yard that I have owned as well as in pots when I rented apartments.   I have been obsessed with rocks since childhood.  Pretty and unique rocks find their way into my pockets, house, car, yard, and all over my window sills.  Crystals, herbs, essential oils, my own food, critters, fiber and products from both plant and animals….it has ALL been a large part of who I am.  It is what I am most passionate about. 

New Era, MI.  Stone Circle at Alba Ranch
Terraces built and ready for spring

Creating clothing and food for cooking from plants and herbs while I cared for animals that also have given me things for both purposes. Self sufficient and taking care of myself, while learning life skills that are becoming lost to many in this world. Slowing down and creating food and clothing by hand. There is a lot of satisfaction in that entire process. Food tastes better that I have grown and cooked myself. Clothing means more when made by my own hands, and the process in slow Clothing creates a balance and rhythm releasing stress while creating. A Healing energy…healing rhythm.

New Lavender Plants

It is all connected.  All in my life. What do you do? Is a question I get often.  Hmmmm….you have all day?  What one word…really just One word….fit it all?


That is the best I can come up with for ONE WORD ONLY.


Herbal healing, stress relief, balance, calming, relief of pain, essential oils, sound and music healing, wonders of smell and all the healing that brings are a few of my “needs healing stuff”.  I am growing more of my own food to help heal myself from pesticides and contaminants. Destruction of weeds directly addresses pent up frustration.  Right? Yanking weeds out and getting all of it..or at least ripping it’s head off. Ha! My allergies seem milder when I eat better quality food. I want to create a food forest with Herb beds full of bees doing their work.

More New Lavender Plants

Walking amongst the plants, herbs, fruit trees and forest brings me contentment, joy, excitement and renewed energy.  It gives me a connection to the earth with grounding and that “hands in the dirt” thing. 

I want to share that with you.  ALL OF IT! I am creating a place to see, visit, walk, sit and absorb.  We won’t be open for a while with sooo much work to do.  But YOU will be the first to know when.  If we do a trial sneak peek, that would be YOU knowing and the rest….well ha!  NOT!

Our terraces with be filled with Lavender plants.  English Lavender and Hybrid Lavender.  There will varieties for culinary use (main one is named….wait for it…yup!!  Melissa), varieties for weaving wands, others for fresh picking, others for dried bunches, and a few new items filled with lavender buds. 

It takes lavender plants 3 years once planted to reach production maturity.  English lavender varieties can live 15-20 years and Hybrids generally 10 years.

I won’t be ONLY about Lavender.  I will also be growing numerous herbs that can be used dried or fresh…herbals, flower arrangements, potpourri, sage smoke sticks, and eye candy for the bees.  I will also have numerous grape vines and varieties for U pick.  


You will be able to come to visit and pick lavender, grapes, herbs while you sit and just breathe.  Inhale, relax, and recharge.  

I will be starting to offer crystal bowl sound baths at the Stone Circle and Lavender fields by invitation…you guessed it.  Announced on my EMAIL list first.

Crystal Singing Bowls

I will still be spinning yarn, dyeing locks, and weaving treasures which you will know about on the email list also.

Bulky Textured Art Yarn 9

For those that are not local or making any trips this neck of my woods, I still have my Store Online and the new Lavender and Herbal items will start to appear there.  I will give you a heads up in the weekly email once they are ready.  

This is all very exciting.  I am scared, excited, overwhelmed, exploding with ideas, and dreaming so much my head could just POP!

What are your thoughts?

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