What makes a good mohair fleece?

Just washed up over 3 pounds of lovely yearling mohair. A pale silver gray and a white. Both Yearling fleece. My favorite type of mohair fleece.

White and Silver Mohair Yearling fleeces

Sometimes…well most times, I think a “yearling” fleece is much preferable to a “kid” fleece. Too many times a kid fleece is too soft and too fine a curl. It becomes a VM magnet, static filled and frizzy if you try to flick or card it. Which destroys the locks for lockspinning.

washed mohair locks

A good yearling fleece is just a touch bit more crisp lock structure and a little fatter of a lock. That combination still perserves the softness but has a better lock structure and repels the VM more.

Yealing mohair locks

Nothing irritates me more than paying premium prices for a kid fleece that has VM in it. I want to fluff my locks by hand and spin. I do not want to spend time messing about with combs or flick carders. I don’t want the extra steps OR the bloody fingers.

washed mohair locks on drying rack

Next time you are in the market for mohair locks that you want to spin, ask your breeder for a yearling fleece. It is the best of both worlds.

mohair locks ready to spin

What are your thoughts?

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