Woolee Ann E Spinner

My Woolee Ann e spinner has arrived. It can spin up to 2000 rpm which is four times the maximum of my last e spinner. I am a bit odd because I enjoy spinning art yarn at high speeds.

Woolee Ann E Spinner

Most art yarn Bulky e spinners can not keep up with me. They just are not fast enough and do not have a strong enough take up. Let’s see what we can do with this machine.

First few spins with WooleeAnn

All the white on the right half and the mini blue skein in the middle is my FIRST spin on my new WooleeAnn e spinner.

Close up art yarn

All the mohair yarn on the left side is my second and third spins on the Woolee Ann when I first spun my signature lockspinning textured yarn.

Pippa’s Mohair Yarn spun on Woolee Ann E spinner

So far so good spinning with the Woolee Ann. I need more time to try other yarns and ply structures. I have managed to ply an entire bobbin in about 15 minutes. That is bulky art yarn spinning while still manipulating some of the locks to leave tails hanging out. I think I like it a lot.

What are your thoughts?

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