Yummy Yarns You’ll Yearn 4….

Yummy Yarns You'll Yearn 4


I made my second treasury today.  All sorts of lovely yarns made from my Etsy FAST team members.  I did a snap shot of it again so you can see it.  It will be on line for about 2 days but than gone.  you can see it here

After 2 days, the only way you can see it is in the little snap shot that I have here.  There are some lovely hand spun yarns, mill spun yarns…..even a hand spun yarn made from tissue paper although it is NOT Water proof!

Of particular note is the lovely Red hand spun yarn from Penny Royal Farm that is her August Challenge entry.  Very nice.

Wild and Wooly from PraireDAisy Handspun is another of my utter favorites which is why I bought a new book on spinning novelty fancy yarns and some angelica to card into my fleeces to give my yarns some bling!  thanks for the inspiration.

Well I am going to go do some spinning as if I keep on typing here I won’t ever get to have any yarn and fleece fun!  Just back from town and the opening of my new art show tonight.  “Wearable Treasures” at the Fremont Art Center in Canon City, CO.  I did not win any placements, but the main judge did pull me aside to talk about one of my scarves that I hand wove and that she just loved and had wished she would have had another ribbon for.  that was nice to hear as I have yet to win any prizes in any of the shows i have entered this year, but I am brand new to this so everything can’t happen at once.  I also wore a shawl with my dress that I hand crocheted and everyone was commenting on that as well.  Over all a wonderful show, with so many lovely entries.  If you get a chance to go see it, it will hang until August 29, 2009.

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